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Prime Association Management

Complete Solution For Community Management

Our Services Offerings

We Provide Quality Holistic Services To Address Your Community Management Needs

At PAM we provide total solution for your community OA management needs from administrative services, financial services and Asset management services
We offer additional services in this area, e.g.:
·  Manage and collect the individual units cooling consumption fees and accounting, and provide the developer and OA with meaningful reports.
·  Consultancy and project management services for installation of BTU meters.
Through our strategic partners we provide a range of services from Energy audit to providing consultancy and project amangement of implementation of energy saving solutions.
We provide additional services in helping the owners/tenants and the OA with their fitout and renovation projects, and helping the OA and developers in their major assets and civil works improvement projects.
We Provide consultancy services to the developers for the interactions with the owners and the owners’ association early on in the project lifecycle to provide a clear roadmap for the post-handover phase of the project.
We, in cooperation with our strategic partners, can extend solutions from our repertoire of services to the GCC countries, Jordan and Lebanon. Aslo, we can create specialist solutions to provide bespoke additional services outside of our current portfolio.

Our Portfolio

PAM has managed more than 3 million sq. ft. of common areas in different residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties.

PAM strictly adheres to a commitment of service par excellence. We place our expertise, knowledge and resources at the disposal of the owners’ association board, clients and community owners/residents. The company’s vital objective is to closely interact and help develop solutions that address the various needs of the community.

In line with this commitment, PAM is always looking for ways to enhance the value of the communities it serves, making sure that they are safe, secure and running smoothly – a promise that its expert team takes very seriously. PAM devotes unparalleled attention to every facet of the community’s operations.

Whether in Owners Association Management or Value-Added Services, our clients can always be guaranteed that PAM proactively monitors its performance for the benefit and satisfaction of each and every client.

Key Communities We Manage