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We are committed to delivering the best service in addressing your community needs.

Managing Director

Lynne Akkawi

Managing Director

Who we are

Prime Association Management (PAM) was established in 2011 with the primary aim of protecting the investment and long-term viability of the residential and/or commercial communities it manages.

PAM is an association management company, fully licensed by Dubai Government’s Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) to practice the management of Owners’ Associations in Dubai in accordance with the Jointly Owned Property Law (JOP) (Law No. 27 of 2007) of Dubai.

PAM combines its international and multinational knowledge with its local expertise of Dubai’s real estate market. This fusion of proficiency provides the Owners’ Associations with a consistent high value service on addressing their communities’ needs.

About PAM

Our Competitve Edge

Knowledge and Awareness

As PAM has established its presence very early in the local market, its vast knowledge of the rules and regulations is flawless. This excellence of the know-how guarantees that the information offered to the Owners’ Association Board and the homeowners is always accurate and up-to-date. PAM’s leadership has invested heavily to develop the expertise of its staff in the management of the Owners’ Association. Our expertise extends not only to the already established Owners’ association but also to assisting developers in planning and establishing Owners’ Associations for newly built developments. Our standard of service in each and every aspect of our services is unmatched and is what sets us apart from our competition in the industry.

Compliance with International Standards

PAM has thrived to become a customer-focused company. A fundamental part of its success goes back to its commitment to quality, environment and health and safety issues; thus achieving certifications in 2015 in ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety. PAM’s systematic methodology, coupled with the most efficient procedures, internal structures and technology applications contribute to delivering the most proficient service to its clients.

Crisis Management

PAM’s Internal Asset Management Department puts in place in coordination with the facilities management company (if available) a contingency plan in order to prevent serious incidents that might cause a threat to the normal operations of the tower. The plan guarantees that the proper handling of such incidents is done with the least amount of time at a minimum cost. The plan is defined as a procedure that begins with the disruption status and ends with the return to normal conditions. The process will involve different parties like authorities handling emergency services e.g. civil defense among others.

Our People

PAM’s staff play a critical role in the development and implementation of its business strategies. They are committed to providing outstanding service through the procedures set and the related response mechanisms. They understand the business, the requirements of the owners/tenants as well as those of the Owners’ Association. They provide solutions to each and every inquiry and/ or claim and make sure that customer satisfaction is met at its best.


To be the preeminent reference in owners’ association management.


We are committed to serving the best interests of the communities we manage in the most possible effective and efficient way through living up to our promises and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our Core Values



Our leadership is committed to serving the best interests of its community, clients and staff.​


We strive for quality and customer service excellence in everything we do.​


We act with integrity and honesty and always commit to doing the right thing.


We are determined to handle the properties we manage as if they were our own and to deliver what we promise under all circumstances.​


We collaborate for the best of our company and the clients we serve.​