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OA Management

At PAM we provide total solution for your community OA management needs from administrative services, financial services and Asset management services

Knowledge, experience, systems and personal skills are key success factors to our OA management service
We adopt our ISO quality process to ensure consistency and accuracy across all deliverables including health and safety and green communities.

Our OA Management services cover the following:

General Services

OA Management General Services
  • Management of the Owners’ Association in consistence with the Jointly Owned Property Law and Association Constitution issued by RERA.
  • Working with the Board to develop strategies for the well being of the property including the creation of sense of community. Management of the property on behalf of the Owners’ Association through the supervision of and coordination with all concerned parties.
  • Managing the handover services process of the property from the developers to the Owners’ Association.
  • Providing recommendations and advice on all compliance issues with regards to insurance, health and safety and sustainability to the Owners’ Association Board.

Administrative Services

OA Management Administrative Services

  • Board and General Assembly Meetings: Organizing, holding and attending the meetings.
  • Communication: Handling all third-party communications on behalf of the Board and the Owners’ Association.
  • Customer Care: Handling owners’ complaints and enquiries related to the common areas as per the standard operating procedures.
    Community Rules: Making sure that all community rules are properly set and implemented.
  • Reporting: Providing the Board regularly with reports covering administrative, financial and technical updates. Reporting to RERA on behalf of the Owners’ Association.
  • Record Keeping & Procedures: Creation of the Owners’ Association books and records in accordance with the requirements of the Jointly Owned Property Law No. 27 of 2007 and Directions of RERA. Follow ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 procedures.

Financial Management Services

Financial Services

  • Managing all financial services through specialized Owners’ Association software.
  • Preparing service charge budget and arranging for the approval in line with the current RERA regulations.
  • Invoicing and collection of the service charges in favour of the Owners’ Association.
  • Managing the Owners’ Association’s bank account, general fund budget and reserve fund budget.
  • Arranging for the payment of all utility bills and operational expenses on behalf of the Owners’ Association.
  • Arranging for the annual audit of the financial records and reserve fund through a RERA certified financial auditor.

Asset Management Services

Asset Management Services
  • Inspecting the property and determining the requirements related to the operation and maintenance of the common areas of soft and hard services.
  • Providing advice and guidance to the Board on the provision of facility management services and implementing short and long-term plans to manage and sustain common areas and common facilities.
  • Working with the service providers to develop and implement effective preventive maintenance programs.
  • Arranging of 3rd Party inspections to ensure the safety of the property’s equipment such as elevators, cradles, etc. as required.
  • Supervising the operations, maintenance and repairs of the common areas through the appointed service providers.
  • Developing and reinforcing relationship between developers and new buildings owners and residents.
  • Effectively promoting transparency.
  • Providing additional collection services on behalf the developer or the Owners’ Association.